“3D Thinking” Page 32 Neolithic Geometries: Labyrinths are constructed with a single path that winds forwards and backwards, multiple times, before arriving at a central point. The oldest surviving labyrinths appear as Neolithic and Bronze Age rock carvings – a petroglyph labyrinth in Usgalimol, India has been estimated to be 10,000 years old. By the time of the middle ages labyrinthsContinue reading LABRYNTHS MYSTERIES and METHODS

Labyrinth “Keys”

  In my first iBook title, “Labyrinths,” published by Apple, you’ll find a proposition that “Keys,” were used to design labyrinths of all sorts, from Neolithic to Medieval times. The “Labyrinths,” title is part of the “Geometry Through Time,” series, that I have been working on, where I explore the geometrical systems used by pastContinue reading Labyrinth “Keys”

iBook Published

For those with iPads I’m pleased to announce the publication, by Apple, of my iBook Author title, “Labyrinths.” The title is in the, “Geometry Through Time,” series that covers the cultural applications of geometry through time and includes the titles: The Pythagoreans, Art of the Arabs, The Celts, Nomads, Ancient China, and The Americas. The applicationsContinue reading iBook Published