Creative Geometry of Close Packing Spheres

I first developed the Dynamic Sphere Geometry in the late sixties; where spheres transform from one close-packing relationship to another, usually in finite sequences. The geometry intrigued me because most of the sphere arrangements generated had never been seen before and were unique. Since first presenting the Dynamic Sphere Geometry, in the early seventies, IContinue reading Creative Geometry of Close Packing Spheres

Labyrinth “Keys”

  In my first iBook title, “Labyrinths,” published by Apple, you’ll find a proposition that “Keys,” were used to design labyrinths of all sorts, from Neolithic to Medieval times. The “Labyrinths,” title is part of the “Geometry Through Time,” series, that I have been working on, where I explore the geometrical systems used by pastContinue reading Labyrinth “Keys”

Visual Imagination and Invention

This web and blog site is primarily about geometry and about new ways to model structures in space. But it is also about imagination and the need to be flexible with the “models” we create, whether they are geometric, or not; modeling anything from an atom to the way a rain drop falls, or howContinue reading Visual Imagination and Invention

ABJAD Designs Store Coded Messages

  I have been working on my latest book, “The Arabs,” – a new title in the “Geometry Through Time,” series. I’d like to share an idea originally formed in the 1960’s, and that I have been further developing for “The Arabs”; that of the possible use of the ABJAD system to store coded messages inContinue reading ABJAD Designs Store Coded Messages

Summer 2012 Inventor Classes

          The next Young Inventor Workshop will be on July 23rd, July 24th, and July 25th. 3 to 5pm. Please visit the Kimball Art Center site for more information: The first Teen Inventor Workshop will be held on July 23rd, July 24th, and July 25th. 10 to 12 am. Please visitContinue reading Summer 2012 Inventor Classes

An Octagon Design System

  Mathematicians working within the Islamic culture, from about 900 AD, often used geometry to communicate ideas, instructions, and even to send messages using the Abjad numerological system and the numbers of sides of polygons, rosettes, and other design forms, to encode words and meanings. Walking into the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, for example, is,Continue reading An Octagon Design System