Geometry Mind Doodles

Mind Doodles are visual puzzles – the product of various types of logic developed by cultures past and present. Each design has been selected to stimulate your visual perception or to challenge your logic. The book is sized like a journal but its objective is to stimulate ideas, to provide a platform for creativity, to provide space for idleContinue reading Geometry Mind Doodles

Rethinking Randomness by Jeff Buzen

Rethinking Randomness by Jeff Buzen introduces an alternative characterization of randomness and a new modeling framework that together explain the improbable success of these probabilistic models. Jeff used one of my close packing circle arrangements with a corresponding line lattice (connecting circle contacting points) and then an apparently random image selection (cover design) conjured by theContinue reading Rethinking Randomness by Jeff Buzen

Crystal Cave – A new book of geometric designs to color

This is a new book that has just gone to print for Wooden Books (UK) and Bloomsbury (USA, Australia, India). Title is the “Crystal Cave.” The book is full of geometric designs to color by Ensor Holiday, Roger Burrows (me), Roger Penrose, John Martineau, and Haifa Khawaja. Each author has applied different math systems to generateContinue reading Crystal Cave – A new book of geometric designs to color

iBook Published

For those with iPads I’m pleased to announce the publication, by Apple, of my iBook Author title, “Labyrinths.” The title is in the, “Geometry Through Time,” series that covers the cultural applications of geometry through time and includes the titles: The Pythagoreans, Art of the Arabs, The Celts, Nomads, Ancient China, and The Americas. The applicationsContinue reading iBook Published