“3D Thinking” Page 238: Shape Changing Polyhedra An introduction the logic of this geometry can be seen in a paper I delivered to the Bridges Conference this August, 2016: Shape-Changing Polyhedra are three-dimensional forms composed of polygons that are flexibly connected. Of most interest are shape-changing polyhedra ‘shells’ that connect in a modular fashionContinue reading SHAPE CHANGING POLYHEDRA

Bridges Conference 2016 University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

Just returned from the Bridges Conference held this year at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. Met some great people, mathematicians, architects, designers… Presented “Shape Changing Polyhedra,” from my latest book “3D Thinking” to be published by Thames and Hudson Ltd Spring 2017. My presentation included stop frame animations and movie clips of shape-changing polyhedra full-shellContinue reading Bridges Conference 2016 University of Jyvaskyla, Finland