“3D Thinking” Pages 22, 292: Patterns of Perception follow a methodology that has been applied through time from antiquity to the present. The first books to appear that feature “perceptual lattices” are books on designs developed during the early Islamic period – in the middle-east, north Africa, and in Moorish Spain. References are Jules BourgoinContinue reading PATTERNS OF PERCEPTION

Altair Designs Complete A Circle

For many years I’ve wondered where the original structure was that inspired the development of Altair designs. Daud Sutton, a specialist in Islamic Design, sent me an email from Cairo just a few days ago. He has found found the original structure – a  latticed window – that has inspired so many of us – all thatContinue reading Altair Designs Complete A Circle

Crystal Cave – A new book of geometric designs to color

This is a new book that has just gone to print for Wooden Books (UK) and Bloomsbury (USA, Australia, India). Title is the “Crystal Cave.” The book is full of geometric designs to color by Ensor Holiday, Roger Burrows (me), Roger Penrose, John Martineau, and Haifa Khawaja. Each author has applied different math systems to generateContinue reading Crystal Cave – A new book of geometric designs to color

Images Designs Animation

Here’s a new animation from the Hidden Images series published by Running Press, in Philadelphia, USA. These are some images seen in Design # 1 from the title, Garden. The animation was prepared for the Spring 2012 Young Inventor class. The images seen in the design animated below were found and colored by different children andContinue reading Images Designs Animation

Images Designs Animation

This is my first Blog and hopefully the first of many. I’ve wanted to share my enthusiasm for discovery and for developing new things. I’d like to create Blogs about the Young Inventor Classes that I run, my Images Design and Altair Design Coloring Books, and about new technologies that I have seen, or am workingContinue reading Images Designs Animation