Roger Burrows has spent many years developing 3D geometries for architectural, design, and art applications.

Roger is the author of the Images Design series; co-author of the Altair Design series, author of the 3D Thinking, to be published by Thames and Hudson Ltd, April 2018, and the Crystal Cave with John Martineau, Roger Penrose et al.

He is also the inventor of the Questron (sensor system), Magnix (printed magnetic technology) and Booktronics (computer solid state system) technologies.

Roger has lectured at many events worldwide, including the Bridges Conference in Finland, the National Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Lancaster, England, the Architectural Association in London,  the Arts Council of Great Britain in London and the Leonardo Science and Technology museum in Salt Lake City.

Roger ran the software and technology department for the Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies from 2013 to 2016. 

Roger has developed technologies and products for companies around the world including Scholastic, Disney, Egmont, Simon and Schuster, Ravensburger, Froebel-Kan, Nathan, Hachette, Educational Insights, Mondadori… Linked In: