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  1. Jenny Elizabeth says:

    Hi Roger,
    I found the shape changer templates that I got at the Leonardo Geomorph Show a few years back. My step-son is very interested in them, but we cannot figure out how to put them together. Do you have a video on how to do this? Are you offering any workshops in Salt Lake area in 2017?
    Thank you,
    Jenny Elizabeth

    • admin says:

      Hi Jenny,

      Am so sorry not to have replied sooner – have not checked my website since about April! There are a few shape-changer videos on this site that might help. I will be running a workshop at the 2017 Craft Lake City DIY festival, Saturday August 12th, in Salt Lake City, 1.45 to 2.45 pm, but it’s about Geometry Through Time. after that I could help your step son if he is still interested.

  2. Cameron says:

    Hi Roger,

    The B.C. comic about the benefits of the triangular wheel that you use in your “Visual Imagination and Invention” article has been one of my favourites for many years:

    I’ve recently obtained permission from the Ida Hart trust to use the strip in an article of my own that I’m writing for the Game & Puzzle Design journal called “Reinventing the Wheel”, but they can’t provide a scan of print quality or even tell me which B.C. book the strip is from (I used to own it about 40 years ago).

    Can you please provide me with a higher resolution scan/photo than the one on your web site and/or tell me which book it’s from?


    • admin says:

      I should check my website more often!! Sorry for the late reply. I do not have a hi-res of the strip but have created a one cell variation of it for my latest book, ‘3D Thinking.” If you still need something I can send you a high res of my one-cell. The drawing extends the concept by raising a question about reducing the number of bumps, 3, then 2, then 1 – and is a 1 bump wheel a circle – and is the conceptual leap from a 2 bump wheel to a 1 bump wheel possible? How a 0 bump wheel? Of course the other way to go is to add bumps – the more the merrier – which is a bit odd if you really think about it.

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