Geomorph PCTV interview

Links for last weeks PCTV interview, “Geomorph – Everything Changes When Mathematics meets Art”:

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Think that my “jargon” is slightly better in the KPCW interview on

Hope to see you next month at the Leonardo!

KPCW – Talking about Geomorph and about the process of invention

Appeared on KPCW this morning to talk about my upcoming exhibition, workshops, and residency, at the Leonardo, in Salt lake City – Utah’s Creative Science and Technology Museum. If you’d like to hear the broadcast please visit:

We talked about my experience as an inventor, and what it takes to be one, but, primarily, we talked about the Geomorph exhibition and how it concentrates on “Discovery Mathematics,” rather than on “Calculator Mathematics;” and about how we need to go back to the point of discovery, to the point in time when a mathematical idea was created, to really understand it, and then, maybe, to change it, or maybe to come up with something better, or more versatile…

Hope to see you at the Leonardo during October. The exhibition starts on October 3rd and I’ll be in residence for the first two weeks and hold organized workshops on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th, and 14th at 3.30pm – but otherwise I’ll be happy to talk and to share.

The Geomorph exhibition runs concurrently with the exhibition, “DaVinci The Genius,” which opens on September 28th and runs through to January – so come to both in October!

The Leonardo: Everything Changes When Math Meets Art

The “Geomorph,” exhibition date approaches and I’ll be building shape-changing geometrical structures; preparing large high definition LCDs, to display animations of new and ancient geometries, setting up an interactive program designed as a visual and geometrical game of logic; printing out posters that show the geometries and the mathematics behind them, and collecting materials so that visitors can build and discover new 3D forms of their own, etc. The Geomorph theme builds on the concept of making geometry a medium of discovery and on the idea that there are two types of mathematics, “Calculator Math,” and “Discovery Math,” – where schools tend to teach, “calculator math,” and thereby miss the whole idea of “discovery math,”  where students can really be innovative and explore new ideas.

To get an idea of the types of geometries that will be shown please see the page, “Mathematics Meets Art Exhibition.”