Roger Burrows


See the pages, “Lectures & Exhibitions,” and “3D Thinking” for information about Roger’s latest book.

Roger Burrows has spent many years developing geometrical systems for applications in architecture, design, and spatial modeling. He has also studied and further developed a number of ancient geometrical systems for architectural, design, and art applications. Roger is the author of the Images Design book series; co-author of the Altair Design book series; author of the 3D Thinking, to be published by Thames and Hudson Ltd, Spring 2017, The Crystal Cave with Roger Penrose et al, and Geometry Through Time. He is also the inventor of the Questron (sensor system), Magnix (printed magnetic technology), Booktronics (computer solid state system), and Photo Q (Hi-resolution fabric printing) technologies. Roger developed a methodology to help children apply their natural inventiveness, and has run Young Inventor and Teen Inventor workshops in Park City, Utah. The Leonardo, Utah’s creative Science and Technology Museum, exhibited Roger’s “Geomorph – When Mathematics meets Art Everything Changes,” exhibition, with workshops and lectures in 2012 – and he has worked on a new and permanent exhibition for the museum. Roger ran the Software Development for the Innovator program for PCCAPS, 2013 to 2016, see Roger’s company, i x 2 Innovations LLC, develops interactive products and technologies. Roger has developed technologies and products for companies around the world including Scholastic, Disney, Egmont, Simon and Schuster, Ravensburger, Froebel-Kan, Nathan, Hachette, Educational Insights, Mondadori… Linked In:

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New Book: Thames & Hudson Spring ’17


Academic Paper: ShapeChangePolyhedra


Arabian Geometries1

Academic Paper: Six Arabian Geometries

The Pythagoreans

Academic Paper: The Pythagoreans

Labyrinths Mysteries and Methods

Academic Paper: Labyrinth Logics

Perception & Logic Geometric Coloring Book


Perception & Logic Geometric Coloring Book

Altair Crystal Cave UK

Creative Geometry Coloring Book

Perception & Logic Geometric Coloring Book


Perception & Logic Geometric Coloring Book



Labyrinth Systems & Animations


Contains Dynamic Sphere Lattices