In my first iBook title, “Labyrinths,” published by Apple, you’ll find a proposition that “Keys,” were used to design labyrinths of all sorts, from Neolithic to Medieval times. The “Labyrinths,” title is part of the “Geometry Through Time,” series, that I have been working on, where I explore the geometrical systems used by past cultures in architecture, art, and design.  Here is a simple animation of a “Key,” development followed by a few more advanced “Keys,” included for fun. If you are interested in the possible use of “keys,” for constructing labyrinths ranging from the Cretan labyrinth to the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, and more, please order the title through Apple – the link is: The title will only play on an iPad but you can order an interactive PDF directly from me.


The order in which dots and line ends, of “Keys,”  are connected will change the end labyrinth, sometimes creating a hybrid maze-labyrinth. Generally, you should start by connecting in a way similar to that of the animation – or in the reverse order. After that you might like to try any variation you can think of.


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