The publisher has asked for new chapters and I have been in the process of adding chapters that cover the geometries of the “river cultures,” – Indus Vally; The Nile; The Euphrates; The Yellow River. I have also broadened the Celtic chapter content to include a broader range of European tribal geometries – primitive as they often are. Also a new chapter on the European Renaissance geometries. To develop the new sections and chapters I have had to do lots of research but the new material really helps show how visual concepts have developed over time, how local cultures have impacted concepts, and also how unique many of the concepts were, and still are – and how these unique concepts of the past can be applied in the present and possible future.

The page count will probably end up around 350 bt could reach 400 – full of illustrations, diagrams, designs, and links to animations, and movie clips. Throughout the book I’ve worked hard to be original and within the pages you’ll find many new discoveries and insights. I have printed samples of the book, “working copies still in process,” for review.

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