I underestimated the number of pages – once the photo credits and links have been added the count will be in the order of 300 pages. The new working title is, “Think 3D” – “A design source book.” Recent drafts have been with Thames and Hudson and my hope is that they will publish the print edition. It looks like I will retain the electronic edition rights – and have completed all of the animations etc., for electronic editions.

The book traces the development of visual logic from Neolithic times through Greek, Celtic, Islamic, and Renaissance cultures – and through to the present and possible future. The intent of the book is not to repeat what is generally known but to reveal new insights and new ideas – with the objective of demonstrating that geometry is something much more than that of popular conception – it is a visual language that must evolve to meet new needs, to utilize new technologies, and to change the way we think about what we observe in the world around us.

The contents are: Introduction; Old Traditions And New Directions; Perception & Conceptual Models; Development Of Architectural Form; Geometry Through Time; Neolithic Geometries; The River Cultures (Nile, Euphrates, Indus Valley, Yellow River); The Pythagoreans; European Tribal Geometries; Geometries of Early Islam; The Renaissance; Shape Changing Polyhedra; Dynamic Sphere Geometry; 3D Geometric Cursive Forms; 3D Fractal Forms; The Future; Conclusion; Index, Credits & Links.

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