This is the new working title after “Universe of Geometries.” Now on page  200 and  have  continued to add new material to Neolithic, Greek & Pythagorean, Celtic, and Islamic sections. Have more or less completed the Shape Changing Polyhedra section but still have more to add to the Dynamic Close-Packing Sphere section. The latest section is Perspective but have been using it to not only track the development of grids, from Egyptian  through the Renaissance, and the present, but also to address the concept of harmony in architectural design using complete sphere packing geometries; where each detail is  determined by sphere position. Same would apply to some of the other 3D systems. Might add some irregular 3D curved structures too but need to establish a 3D integrated basis rather than just have casual curves. Still aim to complete the first draft by April 30th although, if I included all my work the book could have 1,000 pages. Over 1,t000 original illustrations so far plus photos.

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