“3D Thinking in Design and Architecture from Antiquity to the Future” – Thames and Hudson – April 2018.

Amazon UK; Amazon USA; Waterstones UK. UKP 39.95. 328 pages, over one thousand illustrations and photos. INDEX: Visual Logic 14. Neolithic Geometries 32. The River Cultures 58. The Americas 106. The Pythagoreans 124. European Tribal Geometry 160. Geometries of the Early Islamic Period 178. The Renaissance 206. Out of the Past – Into the Future 220. Modelling with Equations 222. Fractals 230. Shape-Changers 236 12. Dynamic Circles and Spheres 264. The Future of 3D Geometry 294. Additional Thoughts and Ideas 312.

This website and its blogs are structured around “3D Thinking” to be published by Thames & Hudson April 2018.

“3D Thinking” presents a history of the intimate relationships between geometry, culture and design throughout human history, from the Neolithic period through the Indian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, Greek, Celtic, Islamic, pre-Columbian and Renaissance cultures, to the present and the possible future.

“3D Thinking” explains key principles and methods that can be applied across all design disciplines. The book reveals fresh insights into how geometry as a visual language has evolved to meet our needs, initiated new technologies, solved problems and changed the way we think about the world around us.

“3D Thinking” is an essential sourcebook for design and architecture students, professionals, and general interest readers. Covers humankind’s approaches to design and architecture across the entire range of human history and culture. Stimulates new ways of thinking about the pressing design challenges of our present and future.


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