Introduction: Images Designs are geometrical <coloring books> that build the visual imagination and logic. In a way they are visual puzzles that can be solved in many more ways than one. The designs are open ended – there are no fixed images that you have to color – whatever you see will be unique. The geometry is such that whatever you find you can find again and again within the designs – rotated, reflected, translated. All the designs are based on strict mathematical and geometrical systems and it’s the math and geometry that gives the designs their unique property.


Hidden within each Images Design is an infinite number of pictures, forms, patterns, animals, flowers, and more. As you color, new images will pop out and beg to be explored. Use colored pencils, markers, or crayons to unlock your creative potential!

Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye – and just for a moment, not understood what it was? Have you ever looked at cracks on a wall, or clouds in the sky, and seen images of things  – just like Winnie the Pooh seeing elephants in the clouds? All of these things give you a clue as to how ideas form in your mind. The younger you are, the less likely you will be to over interpret something that you see.

Images titles are published by Running Press in the USA and are available form the publisher or on Amazon – for Ages 6 years to 99 years. See Hidden Images (4 titles); Images 1 and 2 (These are jumbo editions); Images Books 1 through 5.

Here’s an animation of an Images Design:

Many of the designs are lattices derived from unique close packing circle and sphere arrangements – where the close packing circles repeat infinitely. Some designs are based on fractal like nesting polygon arrangements …

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