“3D Thinking” Page 15. Evolution of signs towards symbols from 70,000 to 5,000 years ago – where the European ice age ended around 14,000 years ago. We see directional lines that criss-cross to form triangular shapes, shapes composed of directional lines that appear rectangular, linear arrangements of dots, ‘bell’ like enclosed shapes, feather like forms,Continue reading VISUAL LOGIC: FIRST SIGNS – ICE AGE TO 3,000 BCE

TV, radio, newspaper, book signing

  Local TV: Young Inventors – Monday, March 26th – PCTV @ 8:40am (Mountain Time USA) Local Newspaper:  Young Inventors – Saturday, March 31st edition  – Park Record (Park City, Utah, Newspaper) Local Radio: Young Inventors – Monday, April 2nd – KPCW @ 8:50am (Mountain Time USA) Dolly’s Bookstore, Park City, Utah: Images and Altair DesignContinue reading TV, radio, newspaper, book signing

Images Designs Animation

This is my first Blog and hopefully the first of many. I’ve wanted to share my enthusiasm for discovery and for developing new things. I’d like to create Blogs about the Young Inventor Classes that I run, my Images Design and Altair Design Coloring Books, and about new technologies that I have seen, or am workingContinue reading Images Designs Animation