Geometry Architecture Dynamic Sphere Lattices

“Ideation lattices” are three-dimensional latticed generated by the “Dynamic Sphere Geometry” to stimulate “visual logic” and creativity. They are the three-dimensional equivalent of “Perceptual Patterns.” Form extracted from an ideation lattice generated by the dynamic sphere geometry

Geometry New Golden Ratio Icon

This new icon shows the relationship between Le Corbusier’s ‘man’ and the “Golden Sphere” packing generated by the author’s “Dynamic Sphere” geometry. The packing generates three-dimensional “ideation lattices” from which design, art, and architectural forms can be extracted. As much as DaVinci’e “Vitruvian Man” represents a “whole number” proportionate system that dates back toContinue reading Geometry New Golden Ratio Icon

3D Thinking in Design & Architecture – April 2018

“3D Thinking in Design and Architecture from Antiquity to the Future” – Thames and Hudson – April 2018. Amazon UK; Amazon USA; Waterstones UK. UKP 39.95. 328 pages, over one thousand illustrations and photos. INDEX: Visual Logic 14. Neolithic Geometries 32. The River Cultures 58. The Americas 106. The Pythagoreans 124. European Tribal Geometry 160. Geometries ofContinue reading 3D Thinking in Design & Architecture – April 2018

Geometry Mind Doodles

Mind Doodles are visual puzzles – the product of various types of logic developed by cultures past and present. Each design has been selected to stimulate your visual perception or to challenge your logic. The book is sized like a journal but its objective is to stimulate ideas, to provide a platform for creativity, to provide space for idleContinue reading Geometry Mind Doodles

This is what Thames & Hudson are saying about 3D Thinking:

This is what Thames & Hudson Ltd (London), my publisher, are saying about my latest book, “3D Thinking” (to be published Spring 2018): The foundations, forms and patterns in architecture, design and decorative arts throughout the world have been deeply influenced by the geometries of past cultures. From the first path-like doodles on cave wallsContinue reading This is what Thames & Hudson are saying about 3D Thinking:

3D Thinking – Last stages of editorial

The deadline for the final edit is August 15th – this includes the math edit which is almost complete. The last remaining task is to complete the Index. I had no idea that the editorial phase would take up so much time. We were a little held up last year due to an earthquake inContinue reading 3D Thinking – Last stages of editorial

Dynamic Sphere Geometry – Updated Page

Have updated the “Dynamic Sphere Geometry” page. Applications are architectural, design, new materials. Revised page has updated animations showing how close packing sphere arrangements (of different sized spheres) are generated, examples of sequences and an example of an architectural lattice generated by the geometry.