Geometry Through Time

Geometry Through Time is an exploration of cultural geometry and of new geometrical abstractions that will hopefully stimulate new ways of thinking about geometrical design. The theme will be developed into a series of books that will look at many geometrical systems and their applications in Neolithic times all the way to the present, and stopping off, if you like, in ancient Greece, Rome, Arabia, China, Southern Asia, the Americas, and Europe; and only stopping in places, and times, where there is something new to say and some new insight to share.

This first title in the series is, “Labyrinths,” a subject that is easy to start with, and such that it allows the author to build his skills with iBook Author and with animating in Lightwave 3D, After Effects, and Flash! As the labyrinth geometry is relatively simple the book has only 24 pages and is shorter than other titles. Other titles in the series will be as follows: The PythagoreansArt of the ArabsGothic StyleThe NomadsArt of China; Art of IndiaThe Celts; The Americas; ImagesThe Future.

To buy iBook title, “Labyrinths”for the iPad, go to

To buy a PDF interactive version of “Labyrinths” please contact me directly.

Labyrinths, interactive title, is available for IPads on IBooks.

The Future,” will include the geometries of spheres and transforming structures developed by the author, as well as new lightweight structures, portable architectures and possible non-terrestrial structures that might be erected in low gravity environments.


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