The book has now been completed and will be published by Thames and Hudson Ltd in June 2016 (now Spring 2017).  I’ve constantly updated the work awaiting publication and have included the latest technologies and future applications for the various types of geometry and visual logic featured in the book – particularly the shape changers and the dynamic sphere geometry. Advance proof-copies are available for review. To see why the shape-changer geometries included in Think 3D are so relevant see the following two examples of a whole new wave of applications that will impact almost everything from architecture to aircraft, packaging, and land/space vehicle design:

Think 3D contents are:

Introduction: Visual Logic; Old Traditions and New Directions; Perception and Conceptual Models;Development Of Architectural Form; Geometry Through Time; Neolithic Geometries; The River Cultures -The Indus-The Nile – The Yellow and Yangste – The Tigris and Euphrates; The Pythagoreans; European Tribal Geometry; Geometries of Early Islam; The Renaissance; Out of the Past Into the Future; Cartesian Geometries; Fractals; Shape-Changers; Dynamic Circles & Spheres; The Future of 3D Geometry; Conclusion; Index & Credits

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