Am now 110 pages into my new book, A Universe Of Geometries,” ¬†with about 200 pages to go. I aim to complete by the end April. The book is content rich, packed with info, and intended as a course, and source, book for architectural and design students, musicians, artists, structural engineers, mathematicians, scientists and those interested in enhancing perception. Am hoping to give guest lectures and run workshops and exhibitions using the book as the foundation. There’s nothing as rich or thorough out there. Final count on the illustrations will be over 1,000 – have drawn them all – plus some photos. Content includes a lot of my geometrical work accumulated over the last 40 years – scary thought that!

“Universe,” contains an analysis of ancient 2D and 3D geometrical systems and includes many new discoveries and perspectives; from Neolithic through Greek, Celtic, and Islamic. The book also contains modern geometries such as Geodesics, and new Cursive – and then my Dynamic Close-Packing Sphere and Geometric Shape Changing geometries (have discovered a second “Golden Ratio” close-packing). The content includes architectural, structural, scientific, and new material applications (nano-materials), as well as analysis of sound properties, light properties, and sensory enhancing properties, including the use of spaces, color, light, sound, symbolism, perception enhancing designs, and usage of structural materials, etc. The book, in a way, follows the traditions, philosophy, and knowledge base, associated with the Pythagoreans but to a much more advanced level.

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