The “Geomorph – When Mathematics Meets Art Everything Changes,” at the Leonardo in SLC was very successful with lots of visitors. The exhibition was organized in four sections: 1. Geometry Through Time; 2. Dynamic Sphere Geometry; 3. Shape Changers; and 4. Images and Altair Designs.

The workshops also turned out to be a great success with visitors decorating panels for a large “shape-changer;” making small shape-changers; constructing Archimedean and Platonic solids; and finding images and designs in the interactive program of geometrical lattices generated by the Dynamic Sphere Geometry.

I met with architectural, math, and science students as well as many people interested in the geometry through time section. Am hoping that the exhibition will serve as a starting point to trigger interest in my geometrical research and systems.

Am now looking to expand the whole concept of the exhibition with LCD projections, bigger LCD screens, more space to exhibit, more working models, much larger, walk-in, shape-changing, and sphere generated architectural forms, – so that the properties of these unique structures can be explored – sound and light reflecting properties, architectural applications – but need sponsors. Also, I’d like to show more in the way of architectural forms and nano-structures – as well as show more of my work relating to geometrical systems of the past.

Some photos of the exhibition are as follows:

Big Shape ChangerImages & Altair Design Computer Interactive



For those that visited Geomorph – Thanks for coming!

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