This is my first Blog and hopefully the first of many. I’ve wanted to share my enthusiasm for discovery and for developing new things. I’d like to create Blogs about the Young Inventor Classes that I run, my Images Design and Altair Design Coloring Books, and about new technologies that I have seen, or am working on. I’d also like to share my enthusiasm for geometry and about how mind expanding it can be and how it is a great tool for invention. Geometry is a way to model ideas for architecture, math, science, design, and art forms. Geometry can build our visual imaginations, our logic, and our ability to think in three dimensions. Geometry can be vey dynamic, exciting, and a great way to think in new ways – whether we’re designing new types of building, clothing, vehicle, etc., or  thinking about how to use space in our homes, in the world around us, or trying to figure out how molecules might work, or how to create new types of material.

The designs in the Images and Altair design coloring books have stimulated the visual imaginations of people around the world. It’s amazing what images have been seen and colored in the designs, from abstract patterns and mandalas to people, animals, and complete scenes.  The designs are based on geometrical systems and are such that any images found in the designs can be found again and again, rotated, reflected, and translated. For this first Blog I’d like to share an animation of things seen in Design 8 of a Hidden Images series title, Garden, published by Running Press, in the USA – and available on Amazon and other sites. If you like this I’d very much like to see what images you find in the Images or Altair Design book series. Hope you like the animation it was created in Adobe’s After Effects.

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