Nancy Stetson’s Art Studio, Boulder, Colorado

We went to visit an old friend of mine, Nancy Stetson, in Boulder, Colorado, two weekends ago.

About thirty-five years ago Nancy asked me if I would design an art studio, to be built on the foothills just above Boulder. This I did using one of the geometries that I had developed and that generated specific proportions that would focus sounds at various parts of the main studio – to enhance perception. So that, with just ambient sounds, you would be able to walk around the room and feel pressure points, almost likes orbs suspended in the air; where natural sounds would resonate. The building is still standing and has the unique property described. In the original design I had also specified blinds of different colors, so that the color properties of the room could be changed, but this was never done.

Whilst staying at Nancy’s house I was surprised to find that she still had one of my old machines built to explore geometries in the late sixties and early seventies. After just a bit of maintenance the machine still works! The machine generates the sort of design structure that I now use Adobe After Effects to generate – in a fraction of the time.

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4 Responses to Nancy Stetson’s Art Studio, Boulder, Colorado

  1. Hi Roger,

    I’ve known about you since I colored my first Images in 1994.

    This studio is AMAZING!

    We are developing Inclusive Permaculture Nurturing Neighborhoods for folks with all kinds of abilities, where our dwellings nurture us, as you have already designed.

    Would you be willing to privately email so that we might find out more about building dwellings and other buildings utilizing such principles?

  2. Phillip Tabb says:

    Actually the studio was designed by me. I am an architect who practiced in Boulder for many years. Phillip Tabb

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