Think 3D – First draft completed as of tonight

I underestimated the number of pages – once the photo credits and links have been added the count will be in the order of 300 pages. The new working title is, “Think 3D” – “A design source book.” Recent drafts have been with Thames and Hudson and my hope is that they will publish theContinue reading Think 3D – First draft completed as of tonight

Concepts of Visual Logic Update

Am now on page 214 after an edit. Have added a really simple convergence proof for the Fibonacci ratio converging on Phi – so simple that it could even be Pythagorean. Also added an exact and not a fudged analysis of DaVinci’s  Vitruvian man with no relation to Phi, just Vitruvius.  This is all inContinue reading Concepts of Visual Logic Update

Concepts of Visual Logic

This is the new working title after “Universe of Geometries.” Now on page  200 and  have  continued to add new material to Neolithic, Greek & Pythagorean, Celtic, and Islamic sections. Have more or less completed the Shape Changing Polyhedra section but still have more to add to the Dynamic Close-Packing Sphere section. The latest sectionContinue reading Concepts of Visual Logic

A Universe Of Geometries

Am now 110 pages into my new book, A Universe Of Geometries,”  with about 200 pages to go. I aim to complete by the end April. The book is content rich, packed with info, and intended as a course, and source, book for architectural and design students, musicians, artists, structural engineers, mathematicians, scientists and thoseContinue reading A Universe Of Geometries

ABJAD Designs Store Coded Messages

  I have been working on my latest book, “The Arabs,” – a new title in the “Geometry Through Time,” series. I’d like to share an idea originally formed in the 1960’s, and that I have been further developing for “The Arabs”; that of the possible use of the ABJAD system to store coded messages inContinue reading ABJAD Designs Store Coded Messages

An Octagon Design System

  Mathematicians working within the Islamic culture, from about 900 AD, often used geometry to communicate ideas, instructions, and even to send messages using the Abjad numerological system and the numbers of sides of polygons, rosettes, and other design forms, to encode words and meanings. Walking into the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, for example, is,Continue reading An Octagon Design System