This is what Thames & Hudson are saying about 3D Thinking:

This is what Thames & Hudson Ltd (London), my publisher, are saying about my latest book, “3D Thinking” (to be published Spring 2018):

The foundations, forms and patterns in architecture, design and decorative arts throughout the world have been deeply influenced by the geometries of past cultures. From the first path-like doodles on cave walls through to the higher abstractions developed to make accurate measurements and predictions, the three-dimensional forms we design and build are dependent upon available materials, human needs and the limitations of our imaginations.

The product of decades of teaching and research, this unique and inspirational design resource presents a history of the intimate relationships between geometry, mathematics and design throughout human history, from the Neolithic period through the Indian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, Greek, Celtic, Islamic, pre-Columbian and Renaissance cultures, to the present and the possible future. Explaining key principles that can be applied across all design disciplines, Roger Burrows reveals fresh insights into how geometry as a visual language has evolved to meet our needs, initiated new technologies, solved problems and changed the way we think about the world around us.

  • An essential sourcebook for design and architecture students and professionals.
  • Covers humankind’s approaches to design and architecture across the entire range of human history and culture.
  • Stimulates new ways of thinking about the pressing design challenges of our present and future.
  • Illustrated with hundreds of specially created diagrams and artworks.

3D Thinking Update

The math edit has been completed – and so has the index. The cover seems to be on the right track but am waiting for the next visual. I think there might be one last round to make sure that all the editorial and design changes have been made correctly. So fingers crossed that the book will be ready for the printer very soon. We’re still on track for the Spring 2018 launch.

Have been developing different types of workshop that might compliment the book – as well more in the lecture series.

3D Thinking – Last stages of editorial

The deadline for the final edit is August 15th – this includes the math edit which is almost complete. The last remaining task is to complete the Index. I had no idea that the editorial phase would take up so much time. We were a little held up last year due to an earthquake in central Italy where one of the editors lives – Kirsty, a great editor by the way! Even so time passes – but now the end is in site and the book is now ship-shape, so to speak.

Dynamic Sphere Geometry – Updated Page

Have updated the “Dynamic Sphere Geometry” page. Applications are architectural, design, new materials. Revised page has updated animations showing how close packing sphere arrangements (of different sized spheres) are generated, examples of sequences and an example of an architectural lattice generated by the geometry.

Bridges Conference 2016 University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

Just returned from the Bridges Conference held this year at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. Met some great people, mathematicians, architects, designers…

Presented “Shape Changing Polyhedra,” from my latest book “3D Thinking” to be published by Thames and Hudson Ltd Spring 2017. My presentation included stop frame animations and movie clips of shape-changing polyhedra full-shell modules connected in all sorts of ways so that when one part of an overall structure changes so do all parts.

My paper can be found at

The images below show the shape-changing polyhedra  “Shell #1 Module” and some combinations of the module. My bridges presentation featured seven different types of shell module.