This is a new book that has just gone to print for Wooden Books (UK) and Bloomsbury (USA, Australia, India). Title is the “Crystal Cave.” The book is full of geometric designs to color by Ensor Holiday, Roger Burrows (me), Roger Penrose, John Martineau, and Haifa Khawaja. Each author has applied different math systems to generate the designs – and all the designs have been selected to stimulate the mind and creativity. Ensor Holiday and I have created designs based on close-packing circles bound by squares and triangles; Roger Penrose designs are based on non-periodic tilings (tiles extracted from regular pentagons); John’s designs are circle based but where circles ‘grow,’ from close packing circle points; Haifa’s designs are classic Islamic designs mostly based on tessellations with some overlap onto systems based on the Islamic ‘Ray,’ method.

Altair Crystal Cave UK

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